Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Top 10 Kitten Names!

I came across this slideshow on Yahoo today, of the top 10 current kitten names.  I made a list of my own beforehand, and I ended up guessing 4 of the 10 correctly.  I thought that was pretty good, since the list is endless!  If you want to make your list before you look ~ now's the time to do it....results under the crazy kitties below...

10. Smokey
9. Sophie
8. Tiger (I guessed)
7. Chloe
6. Charlie
5. Kitty (I guessed, and this always cracks me.  Name your cat.)
4. Oliver
3. Lucy
2. Max (I guessed)
1. Bella (Also has to be up there for dog names & baby names.)

I'm surprised Simba, Mittens, Whiskers & Snowball aren't on this list.  Maybe I'm just a total 80's baby though, and that's what cats of my generation were called!  My cats are Simba & Lily.  So now I'm wondering what the top cat & dog names are for our Fetch Pet Care branch.  I'm going to try to figure it out!  I know there's a lot of Bella's off the top of my hand, but we shall see who the winner is!


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